WIN "Invisible" Braces

WIN invisible braces are fitted to the rear of the teethA WIN lingual brace works in the same way as a conventional fixed brace with full control and movement of the teeth but is nearly invisible, the only person who knows you have a brace is you.

WIN lingual braces can be for everyone, if you have healthy gums and bones. With WIN braces, if you are an adult or adolescent, there are individual solutions to individual problems.

  • The individual bracket base allows for an extremely flat design
  • The individual bracket body is perfectly adapted to the tooth shape
  • The individual archwires are bent by computer assisted bending robots
  • Predictable results
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Extremely flat design = improved comfort
  • For simple to complex cases
  • German engineering = precision manufacturing

Children and Teenagers

In children and teenagers, the enamel is still developing, this is why fixed orthodontic appliances can lead to demineralization around the brace, causing irreversible damage.

On the inner surface of the teeth, demineralization is protected against by the permanent action of saliva rinsing and selfcleansing the teeth.

As clinical research has shown, compared to conventional fixed braces, tooth damage in children is 10 times less likely using a fixed brace bonded on the inner surfaces of the teeth.

  • The high-tech brace for reliable and fast correction of tooth positioning
  • The enamel on the inner surface of the tooth is more resistant to demineralization
  • The large bracket base makes the appliance very robust


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